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It's been rainning over here in Pennsylvania....
Last a few days I have been having a major headache.... migraine....
I hate those kind of weather, I always get feeling sick from migraine
and I can't do much crafting!!!
Last Saturday, my kids, my son's friend and I went to the mall.
I wasn't planning to go but kids wanted.... and I was glad we went!
I bought LOTS of clothes for myself with really good prices!
I paid probably 40 dollars total for more than 100 dollars worth of clothes!!
What a deal!
And on the way to home, we stopped at the local craft shop :)
I bought lots of stuff for making jewelry but I haven't had a chance to make any with them because of my headache!!!!!
Hopefully I am able to make something sometimes soon....*fingers crossed*

Okay, I am going to get off from PC. I think sitting in front of PC is one of the reasons my headache doesn't go away!

Have a nice night eveyone!!

Meg x


Bridget said...

Your button rings are lovely...Feel better !!

LittleAngel said...

Thank you.
I think I need to go see doc soon.... :(

Deelights said...

Your rings are lovely, I like the first one best.
Hope you feel better soon!

LittleAngel said...

Thank you, Dee!