almost time....

wow. Look at the time! Almost 2 in the afternoon!
Kids will be home in 2 hours... I have choirs(lol) to do and nothing is done yet!

I have been very ill for a few weeks and have been off from work.
Tomorrow morning, I have a doctor appointment and if she says OK, I will go back to work tomorrow afternoon. How exciting! :)
I love being home but it's not fun at all when you are sick and with energetic 9 & 6 years old children...

I have a long off every summer, it is nice to have all day, every day to spend time with them.
I love my family - my hard-work lovely husband. He had been taking care of me and kids while I was sick. without him, I wouldn't survive. love him very much.

My children. They are so smart, sweet, funny, loveable angels! sometimes they turn into the "monsters" but I still love them very much.

I better go back to whatever I have to finish today....
Wish me lucky for tomorrow :)

Meg x