Hello! Thank you for stopping by!
I am so sorry for not updateing often.
I have not been feeling well....
I am hoping I can update my etsy shop over this weekend.

Ohhhh I had 2 exciting things happened!

1. I got a package from Deelight for BNR ghouls exchange! I will post a pic sometimes this week, but it's soooo beautiful!
I wore it today at work :)
She does beautiful job & makes beautiful jewelry!
If you haven't check her shop yet, please do!

2. DO you know the esty shop called Allie Ruth Peach??
She has been posting on esty forum & her blog about her stationary giveaway - and I think I won?!?!?
I haven't got confirmation from her yet, so I don't know for sure...
but if so, that would be great!!!!!
I don't usually win that kind of things LOL

I had an amigurumi teddy bear custom order while last weekend sale :)
I am working on it atm.....
since I haven't been feeling well, it's slowly coming together :)
Hopefully I can send it tomorrow & post the picture here sometimes soon!

Okay, I am gonna go now. My head is killing me! (Having migrains is not fun!!)

Have a nice night everyone!!!

Meg x