What a weekend!!

Hello! Thank you for stopping by.
How was your weekend?
Mine was oh what should I say.... busy. very busy in unexpected way.
On Friday evening, my son complained tummy ache.
We thought he had gas, so we let him go to bed without eating dinner.
We could hear his moarning from his room at upstair and I was a bit worried.
I went up to his room and asked him where exactily he had a pain.
At first, he pointed at his belly button, then pointed at right side.
I pushed lightly around his belly button and he was in pain when I pushed his right side of tummy.
I was VERY worried then.
I told my hubby that we needed to take him to ER. Maybe I worried too much but I wanted to make sure if it was what I thought of.
It was already past 7 pm when we left to ER.
We picked the smaller hospital where usually is not packed and waiting is no needed.
That Friday, somehow, many people were at their small waiting room, in fact most people were walking around because there were no seat to sit down.
Anyway, after bloodwork and CT scan, the doctor dignosed he had appendisitis.
He needed to haver surgery right away - by the time, it was past midnight.
We had to go to the bigger hospital....
His surgery was scheduled at 3 am on Saturday... he came out from operation room at 4:30 am..
Every thing went well, by the tiim of lunch time he was back to himself and watching cartoon network channel at the room.
He was discharged at 4 pm on Saturday.

What a weekend.....
But we are glad we went to ER right away & everything went okay!