New items are listed!

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I listed new items at etsy shop today.

+ Handmade Button Rings +

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It's been rainning over here in Pennsylvania....
Last a few days I have been having a major headache.... migraine....
I hate those kind of weather, I always get feeling sick from migraine
and I can't do much crafting!!!
Last Saturday, my kids, my son's friend and I went to the mall.
I wasn't planning to go but kids wanted.... and I was glad we went!
I bought LOTS of clothes for myself with really good prices!
I paid probably 40 dollars total for more than 100 dollars worth of clothes!!
What a deal!
And on the way to home, we stopped at the local craft shop :)
I bought lots of stuff for making jewelry but I haven't had a chance to make any with them because of my headache!!!!!
Hopefully I am able to make something sometimes soon....*fingers crossed*

Okay, I am going to get off from PC. I think sitting in front of PC is one of the reasons my headache doesn't go away!

Have a nice night eveyone!!

Meg x

WEEKEND SALE! 9/25-9/27

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This weekend, I have SALE @ my esty shop!
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Happy Weekend Shopping!

Meg x

Esty shop updated: Crocheted Flower Brooch

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How are you this evening?

I listed new item - my original design crocheted flower brooch.

+ Red +

+ Mocha Latte +

+ Burgundy +

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So what do you think?
Any feedbacks are always appreciated!!!
Thank you.

Meg x

Announcement! *giveaway!*

beaded hairpins set
Check the hairpins at my etsy shop :)

Hello! Thank you for stopping by!
How is your day so far??? Mine is not so good.....
I came home early from work, I haven't feeling well since last night :(
I am bit better now tho. Now I am waiting for my daughter to come home & after supper, I am taking her to ballet lesson,
Tuesdays are the busy day of the week....

Anyway, back to the today's topic, I have an announcement to make....
Yes, you read it right. It's GIVEAWAY time!
It's been over a month since I started etsy shop & almost a month for started blog...
SO, I decided to have "giveaway" next month!
I haven't decided exactly when or what I will "giveaway", but I will post more details sometimes soon.. so stay tune!

Oh speaking of witch, my daughter is home now!
I'd better go... talk to you soon!!!

Meg x

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Etsy Shop + New items are listed +

Hello. How was your weekend?
Finally I had a chance to upload pictures of new items!

pink flower earrings

green oval drops earrings

lite blue tear drop earrings

black leaf cut out earrings

amigutumi teddy bear + Sky +

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Meg x


Hello! How are you this evening?
Well it's quite late here... past 11:30pm.
I haven't posted here a few days, I have been busy & not feeling well this week.
I am doing okay today and decided blogging!

So, today's topic "SWAP!!!". Yes, swap time!
I joined 2 "swap".
One is on etsy site.... hosted by BurningMoon.
It's called Secret Ghouls Halloween Swap - this is my very fist swap to participate and I am very excited!!!!!
I haven't decided what I am going to get (or make) for my partner...but I still have time! :)

The other swap is hosted by Patti and called "Shop Swap & Blog".
I found out this swap on one of threads on etsy forum and sounded interesting! so I checked out the site.....
Of cause I signed up right away!
She accepts the sign-up form till October 1. if you are interested and need more info, please click the button below!

Shop Swap & Blog

・゜゜・*:.。..。.:*・*:゜・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゜・**・゜゜・*:.。..。.:*・*:゜・*:.。.

Today kids and I went shopping together!
Oh I don't know how much I wanted to go shopping....
I couldn't go last weekend because of my son's surgery.....
He is doing really good, btw. I can not beleive how quickly he recovered!
Boy, it's within a few days, he was well enough running!!!!
Of cause I told him NOT to but who listen? He is 100% boy, you know lol
Anyway, I bought lots of beads, chains, earrings wires etc.. today and I recieved some I bought at esty store.
I am so ready to make new jewelry!!!
Tomorrow, I just sit and make some all day!!!!!!
You wish!
I know it won't...:( well I will try to make a few :)
I will post them tomorrow night when I'm done!
Stay tune!

Good night everyone! Have a nice night!

Meg x

Etsy Shop: new items are listed!

Amigurumi Teddy Bear - Cream -


Yellow Flower Scrubbie


Blue Metalic Earrings


Green Asian Flower Earrings


Necklace & Earrings Set


Red Beads Flower Hairpins set


Blue Butterfly Hairpins Set


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What a weekend!!

Hello! Thank you for stopping by.
How was your weekend?
Mine was oh what should I say.... busy. very busy in unexpected way.
On Friday evening, my son complained tummy ache.
We thought he had gas, so we let him go to bed without eating dinner.
We could hear his moarning from his room at upstair and I was a bit worried.
I went up to his room and asked him where exactily he had a pain.
At first, he pointed at his belly button, then pointed at right side.
I pushed lightly around his belly button and he was in pain when I pushed his right side of tummy.
I was VERY worried then.
I told my hubby that we needed to take him to ER. Maybe I worried too much but I wanted to make sure if it was what I thought of.
It was already past 7 pm when we left to ER.
We picked the smaller hospital where usually is not packed and waiting is no needed.
That Friday, somehow, many people were at their small waiting room, in fact most people were walking around because there were no seat to sit down.
Anyway, after bloodwork and CT scan, the doctor dignosed he had appendisitis.
He needed to haver surgery right away - by the time, it was past midnight.
We had to go to the bigger hospital....
His surgery was scheduled at 3 am on Saturday... he came out from operation room at 4:30 am..
Every thing went well, by the tiim of lunch time he was back to himself and watching cartoon network channel at the room.
He was discharged at 4 pm on Saturday.

What a weekend.....
But we are glad we went to ER right away & everything went okay!

almost time....

wow. Look at the time! Almost 2 in the afternoon!
Kids will be home in 2 hours... I have choirs(lol) to do and nothing is done yet!

I have been very ill for a few weeks and have been off from work.
Tomorrow morning, I have a doctor appointment and if she says OK, I will go back to work tomorrow afternoon. How exciting! :)
I love being home but it's not fun at all when you are sick and with energetic 9 & 6 years old children...

I have a long off every summer, it is nice to have all day, every day to spend time with them.
I love my family - my hard-work lovely husband. He had been taking care of me and kids while I was sick. without him, I wouldn't survive. love him very much.

My children. They are so smart, sweet, funny, loveable angels! sometimes they turn into the "monsters" but I still love them very much.

I better go back to whatever I have to finish today....
Wish me lucky for tomorrow :)

Meg x


And love making them too!!!!!

marked down to $7 from org. price $9.50

marked down to $10 from org. price $12.50

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Thank you :)

Meg x

*~* vintage post cards & milk caps *~*

Here are some of items at my etsy shop( ).

*~* Vintage Post Cards *~*
They are all $2 each.

*~* Vintage Milk/Cream Caps *~*
They are 5 milk/cream caps set - $1.50 each.


Welcome to my blog - Little Angel - and thank you for stopping by!

My name is Meg and I just started online shop at etsy about a month ago.
I am going to update my creations and also a little bit of my personal life...:)

Hope you enjoy visiting and come back again soon!

Meg xxx