New items listed!

Hello! I listed LOTS of items at my etsy shop today!
Please check them out!

Buy Handmade

Did you find something you are looking for the holiday season?
For your little ones, loved ones.... or perhaps for yourself!

CHRISTMAS SALE! till 12/25!

20% OFF from org. price at my entire shop!

Don't miss this great deal!

What a great buy!!!

Hello! Thank you for stopping by!

I have been shopping at etsy since I joined there.....
but never showed you what I bought, haven't I?

I'm so sorry!

Well, since I have a little bit of time left in my hands today,
I am gonna show you what I got recently!

First one is.... these beautiful beads!

They are from Kat at Kat Scratch Bead Works.
She has tons of beautiful beads!!!!
If you do make jewelry, please check her shop!

The other one I bought is.... this gift boxes set!

They are from Scrap Happie AZ.
They are small boxes - 2" x 2.5"
but perfect size for jewelry! like a ring, earrings!
I am gonna make some rings & earrings for my aunts and niecies as christmas presents,
so these boxes will be perfect!
She sent tags with boxes! How nice is that! (Thank you, Scrap!)

Beside gift boxes, she makes aprons and potholders.
She does beautiful job!
Please check her shop out!

So, if you are shopping at etsy, what did you get recently?
Do you have favorite shops???
Please let me hear it! I'd love to check new shops out!

Meg x


Hello! Thank you for stopping by!
It's almost 4:30pm here....
Absolutely... NOTHING DONE! :O
Well, I listed alot of items at my etsy shop
(Check out HERE)

I am having CHRISTMAS SALE! from today, 11/23 till 12/25!

That's included items I listed today too! So check them out if you haven't yet!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

so, while back, I mentioned here about SHOP SWAP & BLOG
I finally have enough time to take a pic & blog about it!!!!
I am so sorry for me to take so long to write about it, April...

My partner is April from April's Creations

These are from April...

Beautiful work!!! I love them soo much!

*A little bit about April..
"I started my business in hopes to earn extra cash for the holidays.
The main thing I want to get out of my shop is to bering you to others
with my handmade cards.
I have been with my highschool sweetheart for 11 yrs.
I enjoy all types of paper craft and mixed media arts."

*Who is your favorite etsy shop?
"My favorite etsy is Faerie"

I realized that I forgot taking pics what I sent to her :(
She blogged about mine at her blog
(check here if you like)

I sent her a hand crocheted rose brooch (made with multiple color yarn) like this one:

and hair bobby pins set(This is the one actually I sent to April)

It was fun to exchange our own creations
and thanks to Pattie who gave us this oppotunity!
I def. will participate the swap again if I find one!


Hello! Thank you for stopping by!

I took a day off today - my son is having high fever and terrible cough :(
He has taken meds this morning and been sleeping since then....
Hope he is feeling better soon...
I hate being sick myself but I hate more kids being sick!!!

Since I didn't go to work today, I have extra hours in my hand..
I decided to update my blog a bit!
I am terrible about updating here, since this semester started!
I am feeling awful about this.
I started this blog because I wanted to promote my etsy shop and
share my interests with my readers...
Hopefully next semester won't take too much time from me! *fingers crossed!*

Well, a while back, I won the blog giveaway last month!!
(What I won? Check here = Heart On Sleve Art)

I won pink fingerless gloves and a paint of pink ribbon butterfly! A paint is made by a blog owner, Heather herself.(check her etsy shop @PnsNNedls)

I love them both!
Pink is one of my and my daughter's favorite colors...
and butterfly is my daughter's favorite!
so I kept gloves and butterfly paint was for her bedroom :)

Thank you for the awesome giveaway, Heather!!!!


Hello! Thank you for stopping by!
I am having Chrsitmas Sale from tomorrow, 11/23!

20% OFF from org. price at my entire etsy shop!

I am having more hair pins & clips sometimes tomorrow.

Please check them out! Thanks!

Meg x


Hello, thank you for stopping by!
A quick note - I am having sale this week 11/10-11/15!


I will add new items on the shop sometimes this week too.
Please check them out!

Click HERE to check it out!

Thank you!

Meg x

It's been a while..

Hello, thank you for stopping by!
I am so sorry I haven't been posting anything here more than 2 weeks!
I have been busy with kids, work & school.....
school takes my most of free time!!!
I know this is "must done" for my career....
but I feel I tie down in only that but nothing else.
I deeply feel sorry for my kids and hubby...
not having enough time to spend together....
Don't you feel that way sometimes?

Last a few days, I kinda have been ignoring things on "must do" list
and spending time with my family.
What a wonderful feeling!!
Giggle with kids, watch movie, spend time on the counch and watch our favorite TV show on the couch with hubby after kids went to bed...
Usually I spend my free time on - reading textbook, writing assignments, posting class discussion board, and glue on PC screen to search for assignments.
OR catching up housework.
I did assignments a little today - but not too much like I usually do.
My family seemed to be happier. and I am happier.

Oh I love my family. very much.

What is your plan for Sunday?
We are hoping to get to see my friend's family.
They moved away from town this summer and we haven't seen them since then.
I am sure they will be busy catching up with everybody but
hopefully they will have time for us too!

Have a nice weekend everybody!

Meg x

Winners are.......!!!

Hello, thank you for visiting!
So, the giveaway posts are now close
& I am ready to announce who lucky winners are!!!!

Giveaway No.1

The Lucky Winner is....

Comment #2
KeriAnne said...
"OK Meg, following you here, and an already a fan on facebook!

Giveaway No.2

The Lucky Winner is....

Comment #5
"Aestraea said...
ooh, you're second set is just as lovely :) I especially like the dangle earrings."


I will send them out as soon as I get your address!

I am thinking of having a giveaway every month (or I am trying to have).
Stay tune for next month giveaway!

Meg x


Hello, thank you for stopping by!

A week ago, I got these earrings from Deelights.
Oh my. What a beautiful earrings! They are prettier in person!

Aren't they pretty!!???? I love them so much!!!
I wore ones on left and got compliments at work today :)
Thanks Dee!!

I had a custom order of Voodoo Doll from PnsNNedls

Here is what I made...

Oh I hope she will like it!

+ + + + + + +

I have been busy with school and work and haven't had much time for crafting... :(
I have started making Amigurumi Teddy Bears tho!
Oh I love Amigurumi. I haven't sewn Teddy for LONG time.
I SHOULD get back on sewing. I need to clear up the sewing table first....
I have caught up with knitting and beading jewelry
& supplies for them are piled up on the sewing table.... no good.
I need to find the time to start sewing!!

It's rainning out here at the moment. I hate rainy days.
I hope it will stop tomorrow.....

Have a nice night everyone!

Meg x

PS: Tomorrow is the last day to enter for Giveaway!
I will close the giveaway post at 8 pm est tomorrow!
Good luck!

A few more days!

Hello, thank you for stopping by!
I am so sorry I haven't updated my blog...
I have been sick & been busy with school & work...
and most important job, being mom.
I have sold a few items last week and I am making more for etsy shop,
so stay tune!

Have you enetered for my first giveaway?
It's only a few days left!!
It ends this weekend, 10/24 and I will announce winners on 10/25.
You still have time... enter for win!
Good luck!

Meg x

Ghouls exchange!

Hello! It's 2nd post today!
I participated in secret ghouls exchanges at etsy's BNR forum
and I finally sent the package to my secret partner last week!
She got these in her package...

*Mini Skeleton mini card

*Voodoo Doll

*Hand Towels

*Vintage Milk cap magnets

*Halloween Handmade cards

All are hand crafted by me :)
I got a message from my partner, Heather
and she liked them esp. Voodoo doll and hand towels.
I'm glad she liked them!!!!

It was very fun experience.... and I def. will do again!

+ + + + +

Don't forget to entr my fist giveaway! It ends on 10/24! Good luck!

Ring & earrings set No.1
Enter now!

Ring & earrings set No.2
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Etsy Treasury

Hello! Thank you for stpping by!
Oh I am so excited about this - I made to treasury list - 2 of them!!
Both are made by 2 memebers of BNR thread.

This is made by Deelights

This is made by DannieGlam

Thank you soo much for including my creations in your treasuries, girls!

Lovely day?

Hello! Thank you for stopping by!
It's been so windy out here all day..... wind is so cold! brrrrrr
I love fall. I love watching leaves changing color. love watching sunset.
It's so beautiful. Don't you think?

My late fall college class just started - on Monday.
Only I can say is I feel rushing every minutes.
I am takiing online class because it suits my schedule.
I don't have to travel to the campus for classes.
I have full time job, I am a mom of 2 children and wife.
I have so many things to do and so little time in a day.
The online class is one of things taking off from my list that makes me feel rush.
But, this class is making me feel rush!!!!!
There is the certain time frame that you have to finish assignment or to turn in.
BUT my teacher wants all assignments a day before the due day.

Why do you have the due day at first place then??
Why don't you change the due day to a day before?

I don't understand...
Anyway, I have to turn them in a day before the due day.
Makes me really feel rush and I don't like it at all.

I always wish a day is 48 hours, not 24 hours.
and wish our body doesn't require sleep - maybe every other day or something.
I just don't have enough time to do all what I want to do/have to do!!
Don't you wish that?

* * * * *

The other night, one of my friends looked at here and she said

" I want this!"

This is the one she wanted:

So I am gonna making one for her :)
I'm glad someone likes it like I do!

Okay, I am off to finish my homework!
Have a nice night everyone!

Meg x

* * * * *

Don't forget to entr my fist giveaway! It ends on 10/24! Good luck!

Ring & earrings set No.1
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Ring & earrings set No.2
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It's my lucky day! :)

Hello, thank you for stopping by!

I just came back from work, what a day.... it was so loud in the classroom!
My daughter has ballet class this evening,
so I am not hanging around here too long...

The other day I got an e-mail from someone I don't recognize.
It didn't go to "junk mail" box, so it has to be safe to open, I thought.
So, I open it up......

"Congratulation! You won!"

What? What did I win????

I continued reading the mail..... I won a beautiful tutu!!!!
It was hosted at HandmadeMN.

(If you wanna see what it looks like? Click HERE to read the post!)

I found this giveaway at somewhere, maybe someone mentioned at her blog?
I don't know... but when I saw it, I thought I had to have it for my daughter!
It's too cute!

After I finished reading the mail, went over to check the post -
And I found out it's size 2T!
My daughter is 6..... :( Oh well.
My neice is 20 months old & she would LOVE this tutu for her xmas present!

I have never won ANYTHING I want or I like....
I never won whateve I entered for.
So I am sooo thrilled this news!
Thank you so so much!!!!!

HandamadeMN has been having giveaway every 2 weeks! Check their blog out! I already bookmarked & it is in my link list :)

Don't forget to entr my fist giveaway! It ends on 10/24! Good luck!

Ring & earrings set No.1
Enter now!

Ring & earrings set No.2
Enter now!

Thank you & have a nice night!

Meg xxx

Free Giveaway! no.2

Hello! Thank you for stopping by!
I am having a free giveaway -it starts from today, 10/5 to 10/24.
I will announce who the lucky winners are on Monday, 10/25!!!

There are 2 prize - please check the other prize in the post below :)

Prize no. 2 is this - Handmade ring & earrings set

The ring is made with brown copper wire & red & clear glass bead. Size 7.

The earrings is made with silver plated ear wires & acrylic beads.

*How to enter

Simple! Just become my fan on my facebook fan page ->Here
or follow my blog!
Please leave a comment with either your name on facebook
or username on blog!

Thank you & good luck!!!

Meg x

Free Giveaway!!!!! -no.1

Hello, thank you for stopping by!

As I announced a few weeks back about giveaway.....
I am having a giveaway this month!!!! woohoo!!!!

It starts from today, 10/5 to 10/24. I will announce who the lucky winners are on Monday, 10/25!!!

There are 2 prize - I will post 2nd prize in next post:)

Prize no. 1 is this - Handmade ring & earrings set

The ring is made with silver plated copper wire & blue glass bead. Size 8.

The earrings is made with silver plated ear wires & acrylic beads.

*How to enter

Simple! Just become my fan on my facebook fan page ->Here
or follow my blog!
Please leave a comment with either your name on facebook
or username on blog!

Thank you & good luck!!!

Meg x

Ghouls Exchange!

Hello! Thank you for stopping by!
Oh boy, I haven't updated here so long!
Sorry about that! I'm doing much better -The pain in my neck is getting better
so I don't have headache as much as I used to :)

I have joined the BNR thread on the esty forum and last week, I got a gift from my partner - Deelight!!

Open the package.....this is what I found inside

One word....... BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
Sorry about my photo - I know I'm not really good at taking pictures AT ALL!
This bracelet is soooo beautiful in person. I wish I could show you......:(
Thank you so much, Dee! I love it!!!!!

While I had a weekend sale 2 weeks ago, I had a custom order of amigurumi teddy bear from RockyMt.Beader.
She asked for baby pink for her baby girl... and this is what I made for her.

She asked for a bow... so I made this :)

I hope you and your daughter will love it as much as I do!!!
Thank you!

Meg x


Hello! Thank you for stopping by!
I am so sorry for not updateing often.
I have not been feeling well....
I am hoping I can update my etsy shop over this weekend.

Ohhhh I had 2 exciting things happened!

1. I got a package from Deelight for BNR ghouls exchange! I will post a pic sometimes this week, but it's soooo beautiful!
I wore it today at work :)
She does beautiful job & makes beautiful jewelry!
If you haven't check her shop yet, please do!

2. DO you know the esty shop called Allie Ruth Peach??
She has been posting on esty forum & her blog about her stationary giveaway - and I think I won?!?!?
I haven't got confirmation from her yet, so I don't know for sure...
but if so, that would be great!!!!!
I don't usually win that kind of things LOL

I had an amigurumi teddy bear custom order while last weekend sale :)
I am working on it atm.....
since I haven't been feeling well, it's slowly coming together :)
Hopefully I can send it tomorrow & post the picture here sometimes soon!

Okay, I am gonna go now. My head is killing me! (Having migrains is not fun!!)

Have a nice night everyone!!!

Meg x

New items are listed!

Hello, thank you for stopping by!
I listed new items at etsy shop today.

+ Handmade Button Rings +

Please check more items at my etsy shop.

+ + + + + + + + +

It's been rainning over here in Pennsylvania....
Last a few days I have been having a major headache.... migraine....
I hate those kind of weather, I always get feeling sick from migraine
and I can't do much crafting!!!
Last Saturday, my kids, my son's friend and I went to the mall.
I wasn't planning to go but kids wanted.... and I was glad we went!
I bought LOTS of clothes for myself with really good prices!
I paid probably 40 dollars total for more than 100 dollars worth of clothes!!
What a deal!
And on the way to home, we stopped at the local craft shop :)
I bought lots of stuff for making jewelry but I haven't had a chance to make any with them because of my headache!!!!!
Hopefully I am able to make something sometimes soon....*fingers crossed*

Okay, I am going to get off from PC. I think sitting in front of PC is one of the reasons my headache doesn't go away!

Have a nice night eveyone!!

Meg x

WEEKEND SALE! 9/25-9/27

Hello, thank you for stopping by!
This weekend, I have SALE @ my esty shop!
----> Go to Etsy shop

Please check "WEEKEND SALE" section - I offer Free Shipping within US!
Also, only Blog followers, I'm offering 20% off for entire shop of items!(before shipping)
Please put "blog follower" and your name you use on here, in message sectionm, I will send new invoice!!

Happy Weekend Shopping!

Meg x

Esty shop updated: Crocheted Flower Brooch

Hello, thank you for stopping by!
How are you this evening?

I listed new item - my original design crocheted flower brooch.

+ Red +

+ Mocha Latte +

+ Burgundy +

・゜゜・*:.。..。.:*・*:゜・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゜・**・゜゜・*:.。..。.:*・*:゜・*:.。.

So what do you think?
Any feedbacks are always appreciated!!!
Thank you.

Meg x

Announcement! *giveaway!*

beaded hairpins set
Check the hairpins at my etsy shop :)

Hello! Thank you for stopping by!
How is your day so far??? Mine is not so good.....
I came home early from work, I haven't feeling well since last night :(
I am bit better now tho. Now I am waiting for my daughter to come home & after supper, I am taking her to ballet lesson,
Tuesdays are the busy day of the week....

Anyway, back to the today's topic, I have an announcement to make....
Yes, you read it right. It's GIVEAWAY time!
It's been over a month since I started etsy shop & almost a month for started blog...
SO, I decided to have "giveaway" next month!
I haven't decided exactly when or what I will "giveaway", but I will post more details sometimes soon.. so stay tune!

Oh speaking of witch, my daughter is home now!
I'd better go... talk to you soon!!!

Meg x

Please visit my etsy shop and let me hear what you think! Little Angel

Etsy Shop + New items are listed +

Hello. How was your weekend?
Finally I had a chance to upload pictures of new items!

pink flower earrings

green oval drops earrings

lite blue tear drop earrings

black leaf cut out earrings

amigutumi teddy bear + Sky +

Wanna see more? Please visit Little Angel and check them out :)

Meg x


Hello! How are you this evening?
Well it's quite late here... past 11:30pm.
I haven't posted here a few days, I have been busy & not feeling well this week.
I am doing okay today and decided blogging!

So, today's topic "SWAP!!!". Yes, swap time!
I joined 2 "swap".
One is on etsy site.... hosted by BurningMoon.
It's called Secret Ghouls Halloween Swap - this is my very fist swap to participate and I am very excited!!!!!
I haven't decided what I am going to get (or make) for my partner...but I still have time! :)

The other swap is hosted by Patti and called "Shop Swap & Blog".
I found out this swap on one of threads on etsy forum and sounded interesting! so I checked out the site.....
Of cause I signed up right away!
She accepts the sign-up form till October 1. if you are interested and need more info, please click the button below!

Shop Swap & Blog

・゜゜・*:.。..。.:*・*:゜・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゜・**・゜゜・*:.。..。.:*・*:゜・*:.。.

Today kids and I went shopping together!
Oh I don't know how much I wanted to go shopping....
I couldn't go last weekend because of my son's surgery.....
He is doing really good, btw. I can not beleive how quickly he recovered!
Boy, it's within a few days, he was well enough running!!!!
Of cause I told him NOT to but who listen? He is 100% boy, you know lol
Anyway, I bought lots of beads, chains, earrings wires etc.. today and I recieved some I bought at esty store.
I am so ready to make new jewelry!!!
Tomorrow, I just sit and make some all day!!!!!!
You wish!
I know it won't...:( well I will try to make a few :)
I will post them tomorrow night when I'm done!
Stay tune!

Good night everyone! Have a nice night!

Meg x

Etsy Shop: new items are listed!

Amigurumi Teddy Bear - Cream -


Yellow Flower Scrubbie


Blue Metalic Earrings


Green Asian Flower Earrings


Necklace & Earrings Set


Red Beads Flower Hairpins set


Blue Butterfly Hairpins Set


Wanna see more? Please visit my shop! ---> Little Angel