Hello, thank you for stopping by!

A week ago, I got these earrings from Deelights.
Oh my. What a beautiful earrings! They are prettier in person!

Aren't they pretty!!???? I love them so much!!!
I wore ones on left and got compliments at work today :)
Thanks Dee!!

I had a custom order of Voodoo Doll from PnsNNedls

Here is what I made...

Oh I hope she will like it!

+ + + + + + +

I have been busy with school and work and haven't had much time for crafting... :(
I have started making Amigurumi Teddy Bears tho!
Oh I love Amigurumi. I haven't sewn Teddy for LONG time.
I SHOULD get back on sewing. I need to clear up the sewing table first....
I have caught up with knitting and beading jewelry
& supplies for them are piled up on the sewing table.... no good.
I need to find the time to start sewing!!

It's rainning out here at the moment. I hate rainy days.
I hope it will stop tomorrow.....

Have a nice night everyone!

Meg x

PS: Tomorrow is the last day to enter for Giveaway!
I will close the giveaway post at 8 pm est tomorrow!
Good luck!