It's my lucky day! :)

Hello, thank you for stopping by!

I just came back from work, what a day.... it was so loud in the classroom!
My daughter has ballet class this evening,
so I am not hanging around here too long...

The other day I got an e-mail from someone I don't recognize.
It didn't go to "junk mail" box, so it has to be safe to open, I thought.
So, I open it up......

"Congratulation! You won!"

What? What did I win????

I continued reading the mail..... I won a beautiful tutu!!!!
It was hosted at HandmadeMN.

(If you wanna see what it looks like? Click HERE to read the post!)

I found this giveaway at somewhere, maybe someone mentioned at her blog?
I don't know... but when I saw it, I thought I had to have it for my daughter!
It's too cute!

After I finished reading the mail, went over to check the post -
And I found out it's size 2T!
My daughter is 6..... :( Oh well.
My neice is 20 months old & she would LOVE this tutu for her xmas present!

I have never won ANYTHING I want or I like....
I never won whateve I entered for.
So I am sooo thrilled this news!
Thank you so so much!!!!!

HandamadeMN has been having giveaway every 2 weeks! Check their blog out! I already bookmarked & it is in my link list :)

Don't forget to entr my fist giveaway! It ends on 10/24! Good luck!

Ring & earrings set No.1
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Ring & earrings set No.2
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Thank you & have a nice night!

Meg xxx


Annie Bierma said...

Sorry it took me so long to respond! Congrats! I love it when I win stuff.