Hello! Thank you for stopping by!
It's almost 4:30pm here....
Absolutely... NOTHING DONE! :O
Well, I listed alot of items at my etsy shop
(Check out HERE)

I am having CHRISTMAS SALE! from today, 11/23 till 12/25!

That's included items I listed today too! So check them out if you haven't yet!

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so, while back, I mentioned here about SHOP SWAP & BLOG
I finally have enough time to take a pic & blog about it!!!!
I am so sorry for me to take so long to write about it, April...

My partner is April from April's Creations

These are from April...

Beautiful work!!! I love them soo much!

*A little bit about April..
"I started my business in hopes to earn extra cash for the holidays.
The main thing I want to get out of my shop is to bering you to others
with my handmade cards.
I have been with my highschool sweetheart for 11 yrs.
I enjoy all types of paper craft and mixed media arts."

*Who is your favorite etsy shop?
"My favorite etsy is Faerie"

I realized that I forgot taking pics what I sent to her :(
She blogged about mine at her blog
(check here if you like)

I sent her a hand crocheted rose brooch (made with multiple color yarn) like this one:

and hair bobby pins set(This is the one actually I sent to April)

It was fun to exchange our own creations
and thanks to Pattie who gave us this oppotunity!
I def. will participate the swap again if I find one!