It's been a while..

Hello, thank you for stopping by!
I am so sorry I haven't been posting anything here more than 2 weeks!
I have been busy with kids, work & school.....
school takes my most of free time!!!
I know this is "must done" for my career....
but I feel I tie down in only that but nothing else.
I deeply feel sorry for my kids and hubby...
not having enough time to spend together....
Don't you feel that way sometimes?

Last a few days, I kinda have been ignoring things on "must do" list
and spending time with my family.
What a wonderful feeling!!
Giggle with kids, watch movie, spend time on the counch and watch our favorite TV show on the couch with hubby after kids went to bed...
Usually I spend my free time on - reading textbook, writing assignments, posting class discussion board, and glue on PC screen to search for assignments.
OR catching up housework.
I did assignments a little today - but not too much like I usually do.
My family seemed to be happier. and I am happier.

Oh I love my family. very much.

What is your plan for Sunday?
We are hoping to get to see my friend's family.
They moved away from town this summer and we haven't seen them since then.
I am sure they will be busy catching up with everybody but
hopefully they will have time for us too!

Have a nice weekend everybody!

Meg x